Price Comparison of Bio-Shield with Wet and Forget and other outdoor cleaners

ProductPack SizeAvailable FromDilution RatioDiluted TotalCost to BuyDiluted Litre Cost
Bio-Shield®5 LitreWebsite1:20 105 Lt$9792 cents
30 Seconds5 LitreMitre 10 Mega1:530 Lt$27.98$0.93
30 Seconds5 LitreMitre 10 Mega1:425 Lt$27.98$1.12
30 Seconds Roof5 LitreMitre 10 Mega1:425 Lt$49.98$2.00
Soak n Croak5 LitreWebsite 1:1685 Lt$99.50 $1.17
Clene Up5 LitreWebsite 1:530 Lt$39.45$1.31
Moss Boss5 LitreMitre 10 Mega 1:425 Lt$38.98$1.60
Move It5 LitrePalmers1:530 Lt$69.99 $2.30
Spray & Go5 LitreWebsite1:530Lt$89.90$2.99
Wet and Forge5 LitreIn Store1:530Lt$99.00$3.30
Wet and Forge5 LitreWebsite1:530Lt$106.95$3.56