Clean up moss, algae and lichen on any exterior
surface with Bio-Shield® and Jet-Stream® Applicator.

No scrubbing*.   No water blasting.


Bio-Shield® the best solution
for moss, algae & lichen removal
proven and trusted for over 40 years


Temperate climates provide ideal conditions for moss algae and lichen to flourish. While these growths are a sign of a healthy environment, they will degrade the appearance of homes, buildings and infrastructure.

As well as being unsightly, lichens and algae cause significant damage to protective and decorative coatings, while algae create slip hazards on paving around your home and in civic areas.

While the traditional methods of water blast cleaning appear effective, the growths are still live after this method of cleaning and begin to regrow immediately.  

A cheaper and ultimately more effective method to clean up moss, algae and lichen is to apply an outdoor cleaner that will not only kill the growths and effect a full clean up, but also keep the surface clean for longer, reducing costs, preventing damage and improving the appearance of your property. With regular applications outdoor cleaners keep a surface clean indefinitely There are many products on the market that can help you remove moss, algae and lichen from your property. Surprisingly the majority of these products contain the same active ingredient so work in the same way despite the wide range of prices.

As they all have the same active ingredient, the best value can be found by comparing the lowest diluted litre cost of these cleaners.

Why should you use Bio-Shield® for exterior cleaning?

Faster cleaning & long lasting protection

Bio-Shield can clean up concrete in as little as 3 to 4 months and keep it clean for up to 2 years. Regular treatments with Bio-Shield at the first sign of re-growth will clean up the surface within weeks in most cases.


No water blasting or scrubbing required

Easy DIY application with the Jet-Stream® applicator or a garden sprayer. The powerful yet gentle action of Bio-Shield will effect a complete clean up with no water blasting or scrubbing required on all surfaces except heavily infested timber*. Just apply the solution and the jobs done.


Cost effective - As little as 94c per diluted litre

A 5 Litre of Bio-Shield Concentrate works out to just 94 cents per diluted litre
Including FREE delivery NZ wide. Why pay up to $3.30?
Save up to 72% over the diluted litre cost of comparable outdoor cleaners like Wet and Forget.


Safe for family, pets & environment

Bio-Shield is fully biodegradable to tough European Standards. It contains no chlorine bleach, acids or phosphates. With some simple precautions it is safe to use around family, pets and plants.


Frequently asked Questions

Yes, Bio-Shield has been used commercially and safely for over 35 years on just about every external building surface, including roofs, walls, painted surfaces, concrete paths and drives, asphalt, and tennis courts.

It contains no bleach (chlorine), phosphates, is non-acidic and fully bio-degradable once diluted.

Follow the simple safety instructions on the bottle.

Great product used it successfully for years and only once when I had a minor concern the company ( Andy ) sorted the problem out immediately . Would highly recommend, I also find Bio Shield much better value for money than other overpriced moss / lichen cleaning products constantly advertising themselves with saturation marketing.

Google Review

Absolutely love this product. I have used it to restore family headstones that haven't been touched for nigh on 80 years. Highly recommended from me. Will be using as part of the New Zealand Remembrance Army restoration work too.

Laneene Rutherford
Google Review

This is the second time i have used this product from this company. the service is unbelievable-paid one day and delivered the next day. confirmation of received order and then delivery advice with courier tracing details. their product is significantly cheaper than the major competition and works equally as well or perhaps even better in my experience.

Stuart Attwood
Google Review