Comparing Bio-Shield® with Wet and Forget

A leading New Zealand consumer organisation tested and reviewed Wet and Forget against other outdoor cleaners. Do you want to know what their overall conclusion was?

"No noticeable difference in cleaning performance between the cleaners tested so, consumers can safely choose based on cost per dilute litre"

With this in mind, ask yourself this simple question. Why would you pay $3.30 per diluted litre of Wet and Forget, when Bio-Shield® has THE SAME active ingredient and works in exactly the same way yet only costs $0.94 per diluted Litre? That's 72 % less cost for virtually the same outdoor cleaner!

The well-known consumer organisation conducted blind testing and evaluation of outdoor cleaners that had the same active ingredient. This study found that Wet and Forget, as well as other outdoor cleaners with the same active ingredient, provided no additional benefits, even though other outdoor cleaners such as Bio-Shield were a fraction of the cost of the other cleaners.

Two independent laboratories tested and verified that Wet and Forget and Bio-Shield contain the same active component. We asked Wet and Forget to back up their assertion that Wet and Forget is the finest product, better than Bio-Shield®, in November 2014.

Wet and Forget has not yet provided any evidence to substantiate that claim.

Bio-Shield® has the lowest diluted litre cost in the Comparison Table

Product 5L Diluted Total Cost to Buy Diluted Litre Cost
Bio-Shield® 105L $99.00 $0.94c
30 Seconds 30L $39.90 $1.33c^
30 Seconds 25L $39.90 $1.60^
Soak n Croak 85L $99.50* $1.17
Clene Up 30L $39.45 $1.31
Moss Boss 25L $38.48 $1.60
30 Seconds Roof 25L $54.90 $2.20^
Move It 30L $69.99 $2.33
Spray & Go 30L $89.90* $2.99
Wet and Forget 30L $79.20** $2.64
Wet and Forget 30L $99.00* $3.30

*Delivery charges may be additional and increase cost
** Labour Weekend Sale Price
^No Home Delivery Available From Mitre 10 - Must be picked up in store

Why Pay More?

Active Ingredient

Proven by independent
laboratory testing

Same method of
cleaning action

Proven in over 40 years
of commercial use

Up to 72%
less cost

Bio-Shield is just 94c per
diluted litre, why pay up to $3.30?


Only Bio-Shield is unconditionally
guaranteed to work

What do these savings look like?

Bio-Shield® 5L costs $99 - this includes FREE DELIVERY New Zealand-wide. This 5L of Bio-Shield® makes an incredible 105L at the cost of just 94 cents per Litre.

Bio-Shield® 5L costs $99, including FREE NZ Delivery.
It makes up 105L at a cost of just 94 cents per diluted litre.

105L fills 21 x 5L Sprayers

Compare this to Wet and Forget. A 5L container of Wet and Forget will cost you $99 (plus delivery at $8.95) This only makes 30L of diluted product, meaning it costs $3.30 per litre.

That's only enough to fill 6 5L sprayers

Wet and Forget 5L costs $99.
It makes up 30L at a cost of $3.30 per diluted litre.

30L fills just 6 x 5L Sprayers

Independent lab testing of Bio-Shield®

Bio-Shield was tested and certified by two separate laboratories, Labtec and Hill Laboratories, in October 2014 to have the same active component as Wet and Forget.

Wet and Forget was asked to provide evidence in November 2014 to support their claim that Wet and Forget performed better than Bio-Shield. Wet and Forget has not supplied any proof to back up its claim..

How to choose based on price.

The true cost of outdoor cleaners is not how much you will spend to buy them, but the price per litre of diluted solution - purchase price divided by the total amount of diluted solution produced.

The lower the diluted litre cost the better the value.

Bio-Shield's 5L solution has a greater concentration of active component and the lowest diluted litre cost in the comparison table below.

Bio-Shield® costs $97 and makes up 105L of full-strength solution - $97 divided by 105L gives a diluted litre cost of just 92 cents diluted litre.

This will save you between 2-71% when compared to other outdoor cleaning solutions with the same active ingredients.

View the Full Price Comparison Table Here.

The effectiveness of Bio-Shield® for Moss, Mould, and Lichen Removal has been demonstrated on almost every exterior surface. For over 38 years, I've used Bio-Shield in a commercial environment on a wide range of surfaces, including concrete cleaning, Coloursteel roofs, and driveways. We have built our reputation on the fact that Bio-Shield works.

Bio-Shield kills moss, fungus, algal and lichen growths quickly and effectively. It may be used to clean any outdoor surface.

The correct application of Bio-Shield® is easy, it just requires the surface that is being treated to be saturated and kept wet until the moss. mould and lichen are dead. This can take as little as 15-20 minutes. Application is so much faster and more effective than water blast cleaning.

The liquid solution, when applied to porous surfaces such as concrete or timber, will absorb it; so the 105 litres of diluted solution produced with a 5 litre bottle of Bio-Shield® Concentrate provides enough coverage in most home situations.

When Bio-Shield® is applied to smooth surfaces, such as painted weatherboards or a Coloursteel roof, the amount of protection provided is significantly increased, making Bio-Shield® even more cost effective.

Benefits of using Bio-Shield®

  • Safe to use and easy to apply.
  • Works quickly to kill and remove moss, mould and lichen, taking as little as 3 months to clean dirty concrete.
  • Long-lasting protection.
  • Cost effective - lower cost per diluted litre than comparable cleaners with the same active ingredient.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed To Work

Notes for the Price Comparison Table

  • All the products listed have the same or similar active ingredient at similar diluted concentrations and work well when used as directed.
  • All the products listed work to clean a dirty exterior surface without the need for scrubbing or water blasting.
  • Quoted purchase prices are standard retail prices.
  • Quoted dilution rates are given for treating concrete such as paths, driveways or roofs.
  • Bio-Shield diluted litre cost includes FREE weekday delivery within New Zealand, other products listed may have added freight charges ranging from $5 to $15, increasing the diluted litre cost stated in this table.