About Us

Company History

In 1984 I started a roof maintenance business called Roof Works to provide services to Auckland homeowners needing cleaning, roof leak repairs and restoration/recoating for older roofs as an alternative to reroofing. Part of this service was to prepare roofs for recoating using a combination of chemical sterilisers to kill the moss, fungal and lichen growths and water blasting as preparation for re-coating. Roof Works evolved into Armourshield Roof Coatings and over the next 20 years specialised in the cleaning and recoating of roofs.

During this time it became apparent that water blasting a surface to clean it was highly abrasive and virtually stripped the surface layer away. While this is perfect preparation for painting it is not necessary when cleaning just to remove moss, mould and lichen from driveways, paths, roofs and building exteriors. Treating the infested surface with Bio-Shield® is all that was required to effect a gentle clean up that will not damage the surface be cleaned.

In 1999 Roof Wash Ltd was established to provide specialist roof and exterior cleaning services to Auckland homeowners.

Based on the chemical solution used to sterilise roofs, Bio-Shield® was further developed as a self applied cleaner for D.I.Y application to provide homeowners with a cheap, simple and highly effective means to clean and maintain their own concrete drives and paths, brick paving and walls, timber decks, timber deck furniture, concrete, clay tile and Coloursteel roofs. Bio-Shield® was registered as a trade mark and had full registration awarded in October 1999. 

Good news for DIY Homeowners

The warm and wet New Zealand climate provides near-perfect conditions for moss, fungal and lichen growth to flourish. The spores of these growths are carried by the wind and will grow on just about any surface they settle on. Birds also carry spores from growths on trees and spread them from roof to roof when they land on them to rest.

If the cost of professional cleaning to remove the growths is too high for the regular applications that can be required to keep your home free of moss, fungal and lichens then Bio-Shield® provides a cost-effective solution so homeowners can maintain their own property at a fraction of the cost of using professional cleaners.